2017 in numbers

I may have been quiet on the running blogging front, but my legs can attest to the fact I’ve not been quiet on the actual running!

Here’s my 2017 stats which I’m pretty proud of:

  • Total KM – 374 (beat my target of 1km per day)
  • Fastest 5K – 29m10s (beat my target of under 30 mins)
  • Fastest 10K – 1h0m8s (8 agonising seconds over my target of under an hour, but I did stop to help someone on the route so I’m claiming a moral victory!)
  • Fastest half marathon (Only did one so kinda cheating here) – 2h34m (wanted under 2h30 but it was hot and I just couldn’t make it)

I’ve made more friends than I can count through my running and it’s got me through some very dark times after giving birth.

Here’s to smashing those numbers in 2018!

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