Currently working for a telecommunications company as a Database Consultant, specialising in security

I mainly work with Oracle databases and products, but dabble in MySQL and SQL Server when the need arises

I spend a lot of my time researching and testing new solutions to see how they could benefit our projects, often testing to destruction!

Enjoy performance tuning as well, anything that allows me to get right down deep into the workings of the database is what keeps me happy. I also enjoy a crisis every now and then. Nothing beats being a hero

Previous roles have included being an Army Officer, a Special Police Constable and a Sales Guru for Apple (and working in a chip shop but the least said about that the better)



When I'm not being a database hero, I now spend about 26 hours a day looking after my little girl, born in May 2016. Equal parts hilarity and horror

On the rare occasion that she's asleep before 10pm, I enjoy running and regularly complete half-marathons. The full 26 miles seems beyond me

I am known to play Cards Against Humanity badly. I think it's because I'm too nice but everyone else disagrees

Things I used to do before I had a child included sailing, rock climbing, backpacking, hockey and cricket. Now all but consigned to the dustbin of my twenties

Want to know more?

Download my CV, but please note I am NOT currently looking for work