SQLPlus on Windows – Better than Linux

After 10 years I’ve finally found something that works better on Windows than Linux:


I know, I’m amazed too, but it’s true. SQLPlus on Linux of any flavour is hopeless, it has no cursor key scrollback, no inline editing both of which make life painful if you have to use SQLPlus regularly. Windows SQLPlus does these things out of the box making it seems more like a standard Linux kernel than Windows, which is ironic.

While I’m talking about SQLPlus on Windows, did you know you can using notepad to make edits then saving it works in the same way as ‘vi’ in a Linux environment? If you need to edit a line in code, type ‘ed’ press return, make the edit in notepad, then save as the default save name (afedit.buf), close it and then hit / to run.

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